Gunslingers, Mid World and Dark Towers

I’m not certain if I ever shared with you all my favorite books. Which makes me feel a little blasphemous because they were life altering for me. And I didn’t read them until a few years back. It’s interesting to know that really formative reading doesn’t have to happen super early in life. So if you haven’t found that book or series yet, don’t despair! There is plenty of time to have you’re life changed by a good story. 

I have always enjoyed Stephen King. I’m a big horror/suspense/thriller movie buff and the genres carry over into my love for books. I had read a lot of his horror before I picked up the first book in the Dark Tower Series. I wasn’t sure what to expect accept that it would likely be good. Turns out “good” was massive understatement. I read the books slowly, sa print each one and over the course of 2 or so years read the entire series. When reading a lengthily series I do not read all the books in a row one after the other. I read them periodically over a course of time. And I read the last two books even more slowly than the rest as I was truly sad that the experience was coming to an end. The books moved me in ways I didn’t think possible. I loved all of the characters, even Walter O’dim who I loved to hate! The books moved so fluidly between genres that it’s impossible to peg them as something specific but for the sake of simplicity well go with an amalgam of Fantasy, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Suspense/Thriller. Which is basically all my favorite genres rolled together. I identified parts of myself with each of the characters involved and had such an emotional connection to them all by the time I was done that I actually cried. 

For those of you who haven’t read any of the books yet I’ll give you the gist. The world is in trouble, and when I say world I guess I actually mean the universe because there are multiple worlds and they are all in trouble… So let’s start again, the universe is in trouble. Held together, perfectly in balance, by the Dark Tower the Universe comes under threat when Walter O’dim decides to destroy it and let in chaos and monsters from the outskirts of the universe. Monsters that are currently, mostly, held at bay by the tower. Roland Dechaine, a down on his luck gunslinger from Gilead, a place destroyed and haggered by Walter in the past is our unlikely and very reluctant hero. All Roland wants is revenge. To murder Walter. I won’t say why, that might ruin some of it. Along Roland’s journey he meets people from our world thrown into mid world by circumstances all their own. With this host of characters Roland sets out to kill Walter, but ultimately to stop him from destroying the tower. 

Forgive me, this synopsis is not the best. It’s hard to summarize 7 books in a short paragraph. I also don’t  want to give anything at all away. Ill tell you this though, don’t see the movie. Even if you haven’t read the books yet, the movie is not good. It lacks action. The acting is only okay (although I think had the scripting been better Idris Elba would make an incredible Roland). And it squishes the whole plot, twists it a little and spits it back out in a really anti climactic 1.5 hours. I’ll say this for the movie though, if you have read the books and you enjoyed them it will bring on moments of nostalgia for certain characters and most of all it just made me really want to re read the series! 

What have you read that changed the way you think about the world?? Or just changed your world in general?

I’ll be headed on vacation tomorrow morning with a big old tote bag full of books! We had a slight change of plans. Unfortunately the house we booked had an incident with the hot water heater. In which it exploded…. and flooded the whole first floor of the house. We won’t be staying in the town we usually stay in. We will be in another town that actually isn’t even over the bridge on the Cape. Although it still is the Cape. It will be different but I’m excited regardless to get out of Boston for a week and be with family. My boyfriends 25th birthday is Sunday and we plan to eat the heck out of some lobster to celebrate! 


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